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Welcome to our blog, inspired by the launch of our fresh, new website. I’m very proud of our revamped look, and excited about the new directions we’ll be taking.

As a French-to-English translator, my mission is to put my writing, revision and translation skills to work to help my clients reach the English-language market, at home and abroad. This enables them to expand and grow their businesses, and improve their bottom line, which benefits all involved!

As the child of a Francophone father and an Anglophone mother, I like to think I’ve experienced the best of both worlds. I was born in Montreal and raised in the scenic Lanaudière region. I grew up straddling the divide between English and French, Quebec and the rest of Canada (affectionately known as ROC)—a reality that I embrace every day and that’s “just the way it is.”

While my linguistic and cultural duality may be “just the way it is” for me—something I don’t consciously think about—I’ve come to realize it truly is a gift. Not to mention a valuable asset that I can and do use to provide added value to my clients’ projects.


My ambition for this space is to share the things about language—and life as it relates to language—that inspire me, move me, intrigue me, and make me laugh or go “hmmmm.” In the process, I hope that my readers might learn something new, engage in lively discussions, share their thoughts and feedback, or simply have a giggle.

If you’d like advice on how you can use translation as a tool to grow your business, feel free to call us at 514 903-9987 or email us at info@traductionproteus.com. We’d be pleased to assist you!